Carpet Cleaning Business

If you have ever wanted to become a small business entrepreneur, starting a carpet cleaning business might be a good way to become your own boss while creating a business that can meet customer demand. It can be a relatively simple business to start, and some have even suggested that it is one of few businesses that can thrive in a recession.

Why This Type of Business?

A carpet cleaning business can literally be started for as little a few thousand dollars, and few businesses can boast such accessibility. Once you have what you need to begin, you will likely find that there is a decent supply of people who need this service. Afterward, you will find that being your own boss gives you a fair amount of freedom to choose your own hours. However, it is important to keep those hours to times of day when clients are more likely to need the service, such as on weekends or early mornings. Like many self-made businesses, the more you work, the more you can potentially earn.

Do I Need any Special Training or Qualifications?

There are no formal education requirements in order to start your own carpet cleaning business. Some familiarity with bookkeeping could help with understanding start-up costs and ongoing expenses as well as assist in tax preparation. Being able to communicate well and comfort while selling are important characteristics to successfully compete in this industry. The ability to travel to and from the places you clean while carrying the necessary equipment is a very important aspect of this business, so you will need a driverís license and reliable transportation.

What Type of Clientele Will I Work With?

The most successful carpet cleaning organizations diversify their clientele. You should feel comfortable selling your service to individuals for home cleaning, but you should also feel confident enough to approach organizations such as office buildings or other larger businesses. Small businesses are also an important market to tap. Remember, a clean environment is one of the most important aspects for any business, so when visiting new places, be sure to carry your business card with you and have an easy, simple sales pitch ready for new opportunities.

Are There any Hazards?

Carpet cleaning is a relatively safe, low-risk profession. Though there is some lifting of equipment, by ensuring that you are lifting properly through the knees, you can minimize this risk. The chemicals used in the industry are all approved by the FDA and exposure causes no undue or long term risk. If travelling to individual homes like any sort of business that goes into private areas, be sure to have a back-up plan should something go awry, and always have another member of your company, or even a friend if there are no other employees, know the addresses where you are travelling for the day.

Starting your own carpet cleaning business is a noble and worthwhile endeavor. It is a service that is needed for homes and businesses alike, and because carpet is a mainstay in our society, it can be a very lucrative career choice.